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How To Make: Basic Chipped Ring

One of our most popular and easy to make ring styles is our basic chipped ring.

This is a great starter ring as you do not need to be super precise in terms of thickness, and the light reflects off all the little faces making it very sparkly. In fact, we tend to find that the more spontaneous you are with carving this ring the better it comes out, so its the perfect style for anyone who doesn't think they know what they're doing.

To make yourself a chipped ring, follow the below instructions.

  1. Start off with the general shape you would like for your ring. We are going to make a uniform thickness ring for this example. Mark your shape on the wax using a vivid, and then trace around that shape using a sharp pencil, this creates very clear line that you can follow. 

       Lining out general shape  

2.Using your craft knife, cut off the general bulk of wax that you will not be  needing for your ring. Slice small sections off at the time, if you try to force large pieces off you risk breaking your wax. Take your time, try not to cut past your guidelines that you drew in the first step. You should be left with a vague ring shape like below:

Cutting general shape  

 3. Next taking your flat file, continue shaping your ring until it as close to your guidelines as possible. File away the wax by making back and forth motions with your file along its length. This step is not critical, but we find you get the best end result if you have a clean, blank canvas for the next step. You could also try rounding off the edges at this step if you'd prefer a more rounded style.


4. Now for the fun part! Taking your craft knife, start cutting slivers of wax out of your ring. This can be as planned or as random as you like, but make sure you are always cutting away from yourself. You could cut long slivers, or short slivers, or a combination of both! You could even try curving your knife while you carve, to get different types of reflections. While you're working, hold your ring up to a light and move your ring around so you can see how the light will reflect off the little surfaces you are making. Keep going and continue adjusting until you are happy.


5. Now send your finished design back to us and we'll finish off the rest. We'll cast and polish your creation and send you back the finished piece, which will look something like these:


Happy carving! If you have any questions feel free to ask below :)


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