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Simple Signet Ring

This is a simple take on a classic signet ring using our dainty ring kit. We have found this style especially popular as a pinky finger ring of late. The flat top makes it an easy design to customise with engraving or textures to create a unique design.

Kit Required: Dainty

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 2 hours

Step One: Lay Out Your Plan 

Lay your wax down on its side and mark out your desired shape on your wax with a vivid. We recommend using the top left shape on your ring template page as a guide for a perfect flat topped signet.

Note- We advise marking the shape out slightly thicker than you need, especially if your ring is going to be very thin. You can always refine the shape with sandpaper at the end after carving the initial shape.


Step Two: Carve Out Your Shape

When you are happy with your shape you have drawn, start cutting out the shape. Start off with your craft knife, remembering to carve off small bits at a time- cutting large chunks risks putting too much pressure on the wax and breaking it. Take your time, don't rush this step. Carve your wax shape close to your marker line. It doesn't need to be exact, we will refine this later.


Step Three: Slim Down Your Signet (Optional)

If you are wanting to create a thinner signet, now is your change to do so. Lay your coarse sandpaper on a flat surface. Sand your ring by rubbing it in a circular motion on the sandpaper, making sure you apply even pressure. 

Note- We advise sanding the side you haven't drawn on so that you can still see your outline.


Step Four: Refine Your Shape

Use your flat file to smooth and refine the shape of your signet ring. This is the step where you want to even out your shape, taking care to try make your ring as symmetric as possible. If you can, try the ring on for comfort, then make adjustments. Sometime a ring will look nice but can be uncomfortable to wear as it is too thick, so thinning out the design helps with this. We recommend thinning out the base of the band, where the ring sits on the bottom of your hand if this is a ring you intend on wearing daily.  


Step Five: Add your Own Style

Now that you're happy with your overall shape, now it the time to add your own style to the ring. Curve the edges with your scraper for a more styled ring, add some texture with the files, engrave some patterns into the band or try heating up your tools and making a melted texture on the top- the world is your oyster! 

Note- If you want to engrave your ring make sure you sand the whole ring down first with your fine sand paper to make the surface super smooth to ensure your engravings don't get removed during the polishing process.


Step Six: Polish and Smooth

For a super polished mirror finish, make sure you finish your ring by sanding the surfaces with the fine sandpaper, removing any marks that you don't want to be kept when polished. This is critical for smooth plain surfaces. We recommend doing this step before texturing flat surfaces if you want a super high polish. 


Step Seven: Send back your finished ring

Send the ring back in the ring box and prepaid envelope so that we can cast and polish your ring to perfection. Don't forget to fill out the polishing form so that we know exactly how you want it!

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