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Sizing Chart

Want to purchase one of our ring kits but don't know your ring size?

The easiest and most accurate way is to go into your local jewellers, where they can do this for you for free by measuring an existing ring on a ring stick, or you can try on their ring sizers if it is for yourself.

Do it yourself at home

Take an existing ring that you know fits and measure its internal diameter (the width across the ring, making sure to measure from inside the band, not outside), and pick the size on the chart below that is closest to the width. We recommend going up in size if you are between sizes.

If you don't have a ring to measure, take a strip of paper about 2cm wide and wrap it around your finger where the ring will sit. Mark where the paper overlaps with a pen. Lay the paper flat and measure the length with a ruler. This will give you the circumference of your finger, to work out your size with the chart below.

Make sure you measure with the paper as tight as possible, otherwise you will end up with a loose ring. Also be aware that your fingers shrink and expand when your are feeling too hot or too cold. 


Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)  Size
12.9 40.4 C
13.3 41.7 D
13.7 42.9 E
14.1 44.2 F
14.5 45.5 G
14.9 46.8 H
15.3 48 I
15.6 49 J
15.9 50 K
16.3 52 L
16.7 53 M
17.1 54 N
17.5 55.6 O
17.9 57 P
18.3 58 Q
18.8 59 R
19.2 60.2 S
19.6 62 T
20 63 U
20.4 64 V
20.8 65.3 W
21.2 66.6 X
21.6 67.8 Y
21.8 68.5 Z